Club Building

“I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with Lyndon for the past two years. The work that he’s done for me on my clubs has been tremendous. His incredible depth of knowledge in terms of swing, bio-mechanics, and club specifications allows him to fit a player for equipment in a detailed manner that I have not seen before. I am certainly a better player because of his help and I know that if you have the opportunity to spend time with him, improvement will be inevitable.”

When building, repairing, altering or supplying new clubs for a player, Golf Studio 360 pays full attention to every detail. The club has to fit each individual in length, feel, shaft weight, profile, frequency, (flex), grip size and weight. Our commitment to build quality ensures a player has confidence in the performance of every club for every shot. Our goal is to get you excited about your equipment or get you new equipment that excites you.

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