Club Fitting & Swing Evaluation

“I have had my Taylormade equipment fitted and tuned with Lyndon & John at Golf Studio 360 for the past year and they have been able to help me get my clubs exactly where I need them to hit the shots that I see. We play lots of visually challenging courses on tour. Precise equipment ensures you get the most from your game.”

Club Evaluation

At GS360 we provide a precision built golf club. We look at all variables, grip type, size, weight, shaft, flex, and torque. We at look at the way your golf ball spins and then decide on which shaft profile would suit you the best, high, mid or low launch. Then we look at club head preference and whether the head suits your technique. Once we have all the components we will set up the club precisely to feel perfectly balanced, paying attention to the swing weight and total feel of the golf club.


Swing Evaluation

Every golfer strikes the ball in a unique way. Some have more moving parts than others. Some players use their whole body to strike the ball. Some use just a few parts. Your swing is a function of how well you use your body. We will evaluate your golf swing so that the equipment we build for you compliments your swing. Well suited golf clubs will keep you in play on the golf course on your bad days. Poorly built golf clubs will exaggerate your misses.


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