JUSTIN ROSE | PGA TOUR MEMBER “Golf Studio 360 helped power me to my first two PGA Tour victories since they started fine tuning my Taylormade equipment. They leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection in providing custom golf equipment.”

“We have built clubs for some of the best players in the world. Setting up golf clubs correctly is more than just giving a player ideal numbers. At Golf Studio 360, you will be evaluated on your swing type, technique, physiology and how you see your golf shots. We often hear players say that their golf clubs worked well on the range but do not perform as well on the course. There is a difference between hitting golf shots on the range and on the golf course. We look to fill that gap when we build a club for you so when you play on the golf course under real playing conditions the clubs that you tested perform equally as well as they did on the range.”

Lyndon Wilson (Golf Instructor – Club Builder & Fitter – TPI Certified – Flightscope & KBS Advisory Board)

Club/Swing Evaluation

Our goal is to get you excited about your equipment or get you new equipment that excites you.


We at Golf Studio 360 are proud to support our above partners .

Club Building

When we build a club for a player, we pay attention to every detail.

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